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The Magic Numbers Blueprint

Unlock the ‘Magic Numbers’ to Grow Your Business. Are you tired of leaving money on the table without even knowing it? It's time to discover the hidden profits in your business. This course is designed to help you understand the true value of each customer and how to make every transaction more profitable. Learn the secrets of maximizing order-form upsells, boosting customer lifetime value, creating a better customer experience, and much more.

Are you ready to boost your bank balance?

You’re smart and chances are that you already know your conversion rates, open rates, click-throughs...  

...But do you know how much each customer is actually WORTH to you?  

And more importantly, do you know how to make each customer and each transaction even more profitable?  

Let me be clear.  If you're not tracking the right numbers (or if you don't even know what they are), then you're guaranteed to be leaving a LOT of money on the table.  

That’s because big profits lay hidden and most often untapped in the ‘magic numbers’ of your business… Do you know how to unlock these profits? The Magic Numbers Blueprint shows you how!

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:  

  • The #1 key the world’s most successful businesses use to grow their profits – and how you can do the same thing!  
  • 3 surefire ways to get your customers spending more money with you every time they take out their credit card!  
  • 6 things you can test right away to maximize your order-form upsells and cross-sells!  
  • 9 ways to boost the lifetime value of every customer – do this and you’ll make more money the easy way!  
  • Want customers to spend more money with you? Then use these 6 simple ways to create a better customer experience – it works better than you think!  
  • The five simple things you need to do to reduce refunds, create happier customers, and generate more repeat orders!  
  • 3 ways to increase member retention and reduce refunds on recurring billing offers – this is a must if you run a membership site!  
  • You’ll discover a simple way to retain existing customers and get new customers at the same time!   
  • You’ll find out which 9 factors have the greatest impact on your conversion rates – once you know this, you can extract more money out of your business at every turn!  
  • Plus you’ll find out how to structure your offers for maximum profits!  

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