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Craft Your Pitch

Are you ready for clarity, clients and cash? Creating visual models using the Think RAPT® system is a fast-track to clarity, clients and cash. It really is a GAME CHANGER!

This course gives you access to the full process we use with our Leverage Your Expertise Accelerator clients, so that you can craft your pitch and create your models, then have the feedback you need to ensure they're the highest quality.
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The power of visual models

Visual models are a powerful and effective way to scale your business. Scaling a business means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. It means having the ability to grow without being hampered. 

By taking your way of working with clients and distilling it into key visual models, it will have the following effects:
  • Make it easier to delegate service delivery to others.
  • Improve your internal systems and process which will allow you to deliver to more clients.
  • Improve communications – internally and with clients and potential clients. 
  • Create a structure for your unique intellectual property which will form the foundation of your online learning programs to let you delivery 1:many and move into the Blue Ocean.
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The four visual models

Visual Models are just simple pictures/diagrams that represent your ideas. In the Think RAPT System, there are 4 key Visual Models:
  • The Results Model
  • The Answers Model
  • The Process Model
  • The Target Model
The Results Model shows your audience where they are now and where they’d like to get to. This could be a journey, a matrix or even a spectrum. The purpose of this model is to show your potential clients that there is a way out of the pain they are currently experiencing.

The Answers Model shows your audience the things they need to have to close the gap between where they are now and where they would like to be. This isn’t a process, it’s about the different elements or skills they will need.

The Process Model is showing them how you help them to close the gap. It’s a step-by-step outline of the way you take them from the pain they’re experiencing to the results that they’re seeking.

The Target Model shows your clients the benefits of working with you – so the kinds of benefits they’re aiming for. 
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Creating your visual models

With guided videos and worksheets, you'll have everything you need to extract your models the right way.

You'll need about 7.5 hours to work through my proven step-by-step system, to create the four visual models you need in your Think RAPT® system the RIGHT WAY. 

It is self-paced but you won't be doing it alone

the most important part of this whole package is the feedback. So after you've extracted your models, you jump into a 1:1 zoom session with a Think RAPT® Certified Specialist, to work through your models and get the feedback you need. You'll walk away KNOWING they totally rock!

Don't worry... this course will show you EXACTLY how to prepare your models for your session. You will even get a template slide deck to edit, so that you have something to present before you go to your graphic designer. So you just need to sign up, lock in your zoom session, work through the steps and turn up to show your Certified Specialist what you've got (and they'll do the rest). 
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